Friday, August 26, 2016


I just had new carpet installed. I know, I know! Carpeting is out and hard wood floors are in. I do watch Property Brothers, after all, but I like carpet, the softness under my bare feet, and I'm not sure of the condition of the old (circa 1938) hardwood floors they cover.

The installers from Bay State Rug (highly recommended if you're in the market) moved all the furniture (including three LOADED bookcases) out and back to their original places. Before that, however, I had to move all the breakables. I covered the kitchen counter with everything in the curio cabinet and the vases in the secretary. All the chotchkies from the aforementioned bookcases were stored in the bathtub. (thank goodness for the downstairs bathroom). 

In the process of moving the breakables, I also moved a couple of cartons of old journals out of the way. I keep these around with the intention of reading through them all and finding what's worth saving and maybe finding something to develop into a poem. But instead, most of the time, they just sit there.

When I got home yesterday the carpet was all finished and looking great, but I knew today would mean putting everything back where it had been, and that would mean dusting all those places that hadn't been dusted in a while. "While" here means maybe since the old carpet was installed.

As I moved the first pile of journals out of the bathroom this morning, a small journal with a sweet pup on the cover came falling out. I didn't recognize it. At first I thought it might have been one of those journals I had bought because I liked the cover but then had never written in, but when I opened it, it was full of writing from 2010, and in between general day-to-day comments, were some gems that I was happy to rediscover.

So now I’m reading the journal, remembering the events in my life that prompted the writing, and thinking about what I can extract for further development. And I am writing this blog post. Anything to avoid dusting!

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  1. I know what you mean about old journals. I have a pile in my writing room and am waiting for a rainy Sunday to go through them (been waiting for a very long time). Love your posts...Elizabeth