Monday, July 18, 2016

Day Lilies

Can it be enough

to expose one's whole self for

a moment of sun?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Atlantic City - Two Photographs

Summer 1928

She stands on the Boardwalk
in her Mary-Janes
wearing a cloud of a dress and
a string of pearls.
She smiles as the breeze
blows a wisp of her dark bob.

Below her on the sand
a scattering of bathers
stretch out to the ocean.
Her charges, cousins Sonny and Alice,
build a sand castle
out of the camera's view.

Soon they will follow her back home
to the house on Rhode Island Avenue
where Uncle George rents out a garage
and Aunt Olga runs a rooming house.
where the upstairs rooms go to paying guests
and she and her sister sleep in the basement.

Fall 2002

She stands in her red jacket
arm and arm with Alice
beneath Absecon Lighthouse
($7 now to walk to the top).
The Boardwalk is hidden
behind mammoth casinos.

Uncle George and Aunt Olga are gone
Sonny too, their golden boy,
shot down over North Africa.
Still she smiles, remembering
learning to roller skate,
seeing Jack Dempsey and the first Miss America.