Saturday, October 10, 2015

Autumnal Equinox

When and how
the earth turns or twists
to create this moment of balance
is beyond my control.

Exactly when the planet
leans into darkening hours
shorter and shorter days--
all this is out of my hands.

I may protest
every minute of disappearing sun
the packing up of porch furniture
the pulling out of extra blankets,

yet there is a sort of comfort
in knowing that the universe decides
when to replace a second of sun
with a second of night.

But it is I
who must make
the decisions
about my old dog,

I who must decide
what path to take for todays walk
whether through the rose garden
or around the lily ponds.

I who must choose
between the chopped chicken
or beef in gravy
for his dinner.

On this day of transition
I look at the basket of unused toys
hind legs that cross or collapse
cloudy cataracts,

and I wish I were not
entrusted with
decisions about 
his universe.

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